Please note that the children's museum is closed until 17th November!



An interactive hands-on exhibition for children and their families about human and animal architecture.

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The children’s museum

Come in and try out the hands-on exhibits!

The exhibitions in the children’s museum range from socially relevant subjects to cultural history and natural science. We have already dealt with topics such as the family, death, our bodies, globalisation and anything else that moves and motivates us.

These exhibitions, covering a great variety of fields of knowledge, change every year. They are designed to make learning really fun and turn it into something that happens in the course of play. Our experimental and hands-on exhibits turn visitors young and old into active players. In doing so, our museum is responding to our natural sense of playfulness, the urge to move and curiosity. And those are not confined to children: we also have many enthusiastic adult visitors. 


Socks only

Please take off your shoes in the children's museum. You are welcome to bring your own slippers.





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